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Spa Facials

Choose from a variety of facial spa and treatment types to suit your skin need goals. 

Unsure what facial service is best for you? No problem! You'll be able to speak with an esthetician upon arrival of your appointment to get the best recommendations and services suited for you.

*All 30 minute facials include mini-treatment focused on primary goal.

*All 60 minute facials include face, neck, shoulder, scalp and hand massage.

*All 90 minutes facials include relaxing face, neck, shoulder/back, scalp and hand massage.

Image by Jernej Graj

30 min = $49
60 min=$79
90 min =$129

Teen Facials

Gently and effectively cleanses pores, soothes irritations and calms aggravated blemishes. Designed to address the skin needs of today’s teens.


Hydrating Facial

Restores and brings moisture back to your skin. Exfoliates damaged cells and helps prevent future damage by infusing powerful antioxidants to protect and soothe stressed skin.


Hot Stone Facial

Warm smooth stones are used to gently massage the face, neck, and decollete as circulation is stimulated and toxins are eliminated. Experience the ultimate with this extraordinary treatment.

Organic Facial

Uses natural ingredients like organic green tea, organic alovera, and peptides and focuses on specialized exfoliation and massage techniques to meet the needs of sensitive or teen skin.

30 min=$59
60 min =$89
90 min =$139

Ultrasonic Facial

Uses ultrasonic vibration to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and penetrate serums and moisturizers into your skin. Highly effective with no downtime for recovery, redness or pain.


Gentle exfoliating treatment used to buff off and suction away dead skin cells. This process gently removes top layer of skin, even out skin tones and brighten the dull complexion.

Deep Pore Facial

Focuses on deep exfoliation to help remove dead skin cells and release impurities from clogged pores. Recommended for acne/oily skin.

Natural Skin Care

Facial Peels
30 min peel= $109 (includes after care kit)

Add Dermaplaning (50 min total) = $129 total
(includes aftercare kit)

Choose between three different peels to best suit your skin needs. Unsure which is best for you? Leave a note when booking!

After any peel, we hydrate the skin with nourishing serums to leave you with a healthy glow.

*We advise to avoid the sun for at least 7 days after any peel. 

*We recommend complementing your peel with Dermaplaning for the best results. 

PCA Peel:

This advanced treatment is tailored to address a spectrum of skin concerns, including fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and acne. The PCA peel works by exfoliating and promoting cellular turnover, leaving your complexion refreshed and renewed. This is the strongest of our three peels and requires 5-7 days of recovery time. Some flaking and peeling is to be expected throughout the week. 

Signature Face Lift Peel:

This peel is gentle enough for all skin types and has an anti-aging focus that targets fine lines and wrinkles. This is an instant peel, so there is less flaking after the appointment. We hydrate and nourish the skin with serums to leave you with a glow!

Wrinkle Peel:

Our Wrinkle Peel targets fine lines and wrinkles, while tightening and minimizing pores. This is an instant peel, so there is less flaking after the appointment. We hydrate and nourish the skin with serums to leave you with a glow!

30 min = $59
Add on any facial treatment = $25

Dermaplaning is a simple and safe procedure for exfoliating the skin by using a small surgical blade that scrapes off the dead skin and vellus hair(peach fuzz).

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