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EyeBrows and EyeLashes Services

*Touch-up applies within 2-3 weeks
** All full set lash extensions include after-care products.
First time lash extensions can take up to 2.5 - 3 hours.

Eyebrow Treatment
Long Lashes

Lash Tint=$30
Eyebrow Tint =$20
Lash Lift=$65

Classic Lash Extensions
(full set / touch-up) $175 / $65


Achieve a timeless, natural look with our Classic Lash Extensions. Each individual lash is meticulously applied to enhance your natural lashes, providing length and definition. Perfect for those who desire a subtle yet elegant enhancement.

Brown Eyes

Lash Extensions Hybrid Lashes
(full set/ touch-up) $185/ $75

Experience the best of both worlds with Hybrid Lash Extensions. This option combines the classic technique with volume fans, resulting in a fuller appearance. Ideal for those wanting a bit more drama while maintaining a natural look.

Volume Lash Extensions
(full set/ touch-up) $195/$85

For the ultimate glamorous look, choose Volume Lash Extensions. Multiple lightweight lashes are artfully crafted into fans and applied to a single natural lash, creating a lush, voluminous effect. Perfect for those who desire bold, statement-making eyes.

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